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Personal trainer staff.

Our trainers pride themselves on your success. Our personal trainers are certified & educated, love where they work & are committed to client success.

  Cassandra has several years of experience helping clients reach their fitness goals and has been training at The Gym since its opening in 2005. Cassandra, currently an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, enjoys working with a variety of clients who are interested in general fitness. Cassandra’s clientele range from people who are just beginning an exercise routine, to people who are looking for something different and new to incorporate into their workouts. Although Cassandra can accommodate clients of all fitness levels, she enjoys working with older clients who are interested in maintain their strength and endurance throughout their day to day activities. Cassandra loves to both educate and motivate her clients, giving them a better understanding of how to exercise more efficiently. Cassandra makes exercise a way of life for her clients, and strives for them to make fitness a lifelong commitment.

  Cody, voted BEST PERSONAL TRAINER 2013, 2014 & 2015 (Fox 8 Hot List, Akron Life Magazine), is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Personal Training Institute and holds an associates degree in Sports and Exercise studies. Cody brings a wide variety of experience to the Gym including: working with elderly, adolescent and groups; sport specific, strength and weight loss training; and also working with pregnant and post gastric bypass clients. Cody prides himself on clients having fun while working hard; this is why every session is individualized to meet the client’s wants, needs and goals. “No two clients are identical, why should their workouts be?” This belief is why Cody is held in high regards by his former and current clients. Whether you’re looking to get bigger, smaller, faster, or stronger, Cody can help you achieve your goals, in a fun and efficient way.

  Josh's fitness philosophy focuses on helping his clients realize their fitness potenial. He strives to not only encourage them to attain their goals but also drives them to go beyond their expectations. Assisting them in adopting this mindset is his greatest passion. One of his primary training methods centers around total body workouts. This style allows his clients to focus on training the body as one unit, which is how the body functions on a daily basis. He aims to keep his one-on-one time fun and versatile, so the path to a fitter lifestyle is enjoyable while encouraging a life-long positive lifestyle transformation. Josh's personal life revolves around fitness and family. He competes in the Scottish Highland Games throughout Ohio, is currently training for The Iron Man Triathlon, but most importantly, enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.